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  Zuzana is for me the most smiling all the girls that I could watch on the net. Her smile is her mark, it illuminates the beauty of her face and gives a radiant look Zuzana especially after enjoying, as in the video one that I offer.
  Things to see and review the short film porn made in the Czech Republic. A gem of anthology for me...
  Smiling, natural, attractive and very naughty. Zuzana is relaxation, relaxation, sensuality facilitating the excitement and enjoyment which she feeds, like Ariel, without simulation.
  Zuzana is a real eroticism professional, natural, smiling, sensual and very attractive facilitating the rise of orgasm that extends into her bright eyes flooded with happiness...

Note: Right-click on the image and select "save target as..." to download the video (file to decompress; contact me if you have difficulties if there are decompression software on the internet )

Video 1: Zuzana enjoyment

  Superb video in 2 parts at the outset that I merged for comfort, with Zuzana smiling and very attractive in a relaxed atmosphere where all can express eroticism and sensuality of this beautiful girl.
  Memorable when Zuzana masturbating, fingers buried between her fleshy and slobbering into her vagina to search for maximum pleasure. Adorable, what I consider one of the nicest asses of all the Earth...
  Zuzana is in action, her fingers caressing her clitoris and then sweeping out her pussy wearing hair I like. Zuzana upped the excitement and pleasure betrayed by her moans to orgasm. Orgasm considered by this girl as food for the mind.
  We can see her prolonged orgasm without simulation into the blue of her eyes and her smile, like flooded with happiness... It's a treat...!

  ideal wmv file for Windows Media Player
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 10mn 13s
  quality: medium
  file size: 161 MB (854 x 480)

Video 2: Zuzana Naked (porn video)

  This is the small jewel porn movie made in the Czech Republic.
  I have rarely seen a movie of this caliber, with superb extra Zuzana give me much pleasure.
  That's why I wanted to make you discover it and offer it to you.
  It emerges from this short film a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere natural Zuzana giving the opportunity to give their all without artifice and without simulation. For me it was a real discovery does admire the beautiful Zuzana, to see and hear to enjoy making love authentically.
  Both say that I do not hesitate to return to loop enjoy all my being... It is every time a delight...!

Note: Please note that the video is high definition where the weight of the file to download, but it's a gift that I offer for the beauty and sensuality of real scenes shot without simulation.

  HD wmv file ideal for Windows Media Player
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 23mn 29s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 695 MB (854 x 480)
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